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Net Gain for Fish, Fishery

Peter Baker directs the Pew Environment Group’s Northeast Fisheries program. This op-ed originally ran on Saturday, April 23 in the Boston Herald. You can view the original piece here. Last May, the New England groundfish industry transitioned to a new … More Info »

New England Fisheries in the News – April 19, 2011

New England fishery management received significant attention in the media over the past few days, with a major story running in the Cape Cod Times on Sunday and Monday, April 17 and 18. This two-part series by Doug Fraser detailed … More Info »

A Quick Look at the Implementation and Impacts of Amendment 16

On May 1, 2010, sweeping changes were implemented in the New England groundfish fishery, the biggest change in New England fishing since the federal Magnuson-Stevens Act (MSA)was first passed in 1976. “Amendment 16,” which went into effect on the first … More Info »

Fishery Management in New England: Past, Present, and Hopes for the Future

Peter Shelley is Senior Counsel at CLF Massachusetts. Until 2010, Peter served as Vice President and Director of CLF Massachusetts. In New England, humans have been fishing commercially for some four hundred years and fishing for food for thousands of … More Info »

Let’s Talk Fish!

Fishing has always been a hot topic in New England. And why wouldn’t it be? The region’s economy was built on cod and other bottom-dwelling groundfish like haddock and flounder. From the Colonial times until today, these fish have been … More Info »