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Ocean Planning 101

If you haven’t been plugged into the process, the term “ocean planning” can, for lack of a better term, confuse more than clarify. For those newbies out there passionate about the health of our oceans (you, I bet!) but confused about what ocean planning means for New England, consider this post your “Ocean Planning 101” crash course. … More Info »

Analyzing the Analyst

Saving Seafood concludes that permanent monument protections are both superfluous and undemocratic. They conclude that these areas are safe in the hands of the New England Fishery Management Council. Our own analysis clearly indicates otherwise. … More Info »

Going to the Mat for Fish and Fishermen

For more than four decades, the California-based fishing advocate has worked to find common ground between taking care of the environment and looking out for the needs of family fishermen. Armed with passion and determination, the law school graduate and former U.S. Marine Corps sergeant is a recognized leader in the shaping of fishing and environmental rules that affect millions of people nationwide. … More Info »