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Fish Talk in the News – Tuesday, November 24

In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, Science Magazine publishes a special oceans issue; NOAA Fisheries releases a draft Action Plan for Fish Discard and Release Mortality Science; SmartCatch develops a camera to look inside fishing nets; a Gloucester-based seafood processing company owner is indicted for not paying taxes; and scientists research using soy-based food to feed farm-raised fish. … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, October 16

In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, chief scientists urge improved monitoring of ocean acidification; Maine lobstermen oppose proposed dredge project; a Gloucester resident proposes a “fish bill”; the 15th annual Wellfleet OysterFest is this weekend; a researcher develops a better way to avoid shellfish poisoning; and the Marine Stewardship Council celebrates 15 years of sustainable seafood. … More Info »

Setting the Record Straight: Marine Monuments Have a Long, Proud Legacy

Opponents who spoke at NOAA’s town hall event argued that the monument designation process is undemocratic, and that decisions about how to manage these areas should be left to the New England Fishery Management Council, which oversees fishing in the region’s federal waters. Let’s set the record straight on a few things. … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, September 25

In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, Happy National Lobster Day!; Fish Locally Collaborative is organizing an Amendment 18 demonstration for next week’s NEFMC meeting; nearly half of U.S. edible seafood is wasted each year; ASMFC postpones limited entry program for Maine’s northern shrimp fishery; Aquamesh celebrates 35 years; NOAA awards GMRI nearly half a million dollars; reinforced shorelines may impact estuary recovery; an unusual cold spot in the North Atlantic worries some scientists; and NOAA will provide over half a million in funding to three aquaculture projects. … More Info »

Why is Managing Fish in the World’s Oceans Like an Episode of ‘I Love Lucy’?

Fish scientist Jason Link says he often feels like he’s living the classic chocolate factory episode of the 1950s TV show “I Love Lucy,” in which Lucy and Ethel can’t wrap candies as fast as the conveyor belt spits them out. “We’re trying to keep up with rules on individual species whose populations are frequently changing. Our conveyor belt is moving faster and faster.” … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, September 18

In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, Senators Shaheen and Ayotte call for an investigation into NOAA’s at-sea monitoring program; the New Yorker highlights Maine’s lobster industry; a blogger asks if is Maine too dependent on lobster; Maine Audubon conducts its annual pelagic birding trip; and a WWF report shows a dramatic decline in ocean species over the last forty years. … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Special Edition

In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, we focus on three stories highlighting the importance of a marine national monument designation for our New England ocean treasures. This includes permanent protection for the Cashes Ledge area and the New England Coral Canyons and Seamounts. The NOAA town hall meeting on the topic is tonight from 6 to 8 pm in at the Providence Marriott Downtown in Providence, RI. … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, August 28

In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, NOAA Fisheries announces new Climate Change Strategy; NOAA awards marine debris project grants; Snotbot exceeds funding goal; MAFMC will hold scoping hearings for action on unmanaged forage species; NOAA Fisheries changes federal fishery permit holder regulations; and Maine fishermen utilize technology. … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, August 21

In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, Gov. Baker and Mass congressional members express concern over at-sea monitoring funding; Bullard sends another letter to NEFMC; ocean warming causes major shifts in lobster populations; NMFS again reduces northern red hake possession limit; MSC develops seafood traceability tool; the Coast Guard rescues a disabled fishing vessel; and Sylvia Earle calls for protection of New England ocean “hope spots.” … More Info »

Fishing Blind

A recent move by New England ocean fisheries management officials to suspend monitoring of commercial fishing vessels is the latest sign of disarray in a program meant to provide reliable, independent information about fishing. … More Info »