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National Estuaries Week: A Call to Action

Natural Estuaries Week is a celebration of our coastal resources, but it must also be a call to action. Without broader public support for policies to restore estuaries and without more pressure on our Congressional leaders to fund these programs, our estuaries and the businesses, communities, and wildlife they support are at risk. … More Info »

Don’t Let River Herring (and Tax Dollars) Get Lost At Sea

Fisheries managers in New England and the mid-Atlantic have a chance to protect river herring and safeguard the public investment of millions of restoration dollars. The fishery management councils for these two regions are set to vote on measures to control the number of these important but imperiled fish that are killed needlessly at sea. … More Info »

Day of Celebration on the St. Croix

It’s not often you get the chance to celebrate such a clear victory for the environment as the return of the alewife to the St. Croix River watershed. As discussed in prior posts, a Maine law prohibiting alewives from accessing this fish ladder at the Grand Falls Dam was repealed this past May and for the first time in two decades, alewives are able to return to their spawning grounds upriver. … More Info »

Talking Eelgrass

When we talk about fish, it’s good to remember that they not only come from somewhere but that that somewhere makes the fish. Habitat is essential; without it even many migratory fish won’t have a place to call home. Many North Atlantic fish spend an important part of their life cycles in coastal eelgrass habitat, and eelgrass is declining. … More Info »