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Almost Too Ugly for Words: A Sordid Case of Fishery Council Inaction

An extraordinary milestone was achieved last month in the middle of an otherwise unremarkable meeting of the New England Fisheries Management Council. After fifteen years of foot dragging, delaying and doing as little as possible to comply with legal requirements that it protect the habitat of the fisheries that it manages, the New England Fishery Management Council finally developed and voted to further analyze for final vote in November a potentially meaningful set of proposed habitat protection measures known as the Omnibus Habitat Amendment. This might have been cause for celebration if not for the fact that this required step was largely forced upon an irresponsible Council by the National Marine Fisheries Service. … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Tuesday, August 9

From time to time, we like to keep you updated on the other news sources that have been “talking fish.” Here’s a quick look at some recent stories and websites that we think might interest Talking Fish readers: Last week, … More Info »