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As 2015 Fishing Season Kicks Off, a Still Uncertain Future for Cod Remains

The 2015 fishing season begins today, May 1, and stricter – but necessary – quotas on Gulf of Maine cod will take effect. … More Info »

Habitat Protection: Council Apparently Unclear on the Concept

All discipline and adherence to scientific goals and guidance was lost when the Council decided the fate of fish habitat in the central Gulf of Maine by allowing new bottom trawling in nearly three-quarters of the existing Cashes Ledge groundfish protected area – an area which had been protected for the last 15 years. The Council’s choice for this sub-region ignored the goals and objectives of the OHA, which include protecting habitat that supports critical fish life stages, protecting fish spawning areas and enhancing groundfish productivity. … More Info »

NMFS Rule Recognizes that Fish Need Habitat

Today’s decision is a major reversal of the original proposal advanced by the New England Fishery Management Council and NMFS, which would have opened thousands of square miles of protected areas – including the area around the largely unspoiled Cashes Ledge in the Gulf of Maine—that are providing critical refuges for Atlantic cod and other overfished species to commercial fishing. This action is a good step toward for sound management and careful stewardship, but it is only temporary. … More Info »

New England Council: Get Your Facts Straight Before Acting on Habitat

With New England’s groundfish populations at historic lows and the prognosis for recovery not getting any better wouldn’t you think that any decision affecting these places—even preliminary ones—would be made with a full review of the best and most complete scientific research and data? And yet it appears the NEFMC has plans to do precisely the opposite. … More Info »

Squelching the People’s Voice

Fenway Park seats approximately 37,000 people.

So despite a confusing public process and a paltry 15-day comment period, enough people to fill Fenway Park twice over took time out to participate in the public process. And by a ratio of 12 thousand to one they told NOAA to keep the closed areas closed. But you wouldn’t know this from visiting the official public record for the proposal on the internet. … More Info »

Wrong Move for Right Whales

A pending decision on fishing for cod and other groundfish in New England has big implications for marine mammals including some of the most endangered animals in our waters, the North Atlantic right whale. … More Info »

Top Ten Reasons to Protect New England’s Closed Areas

Why should NOAA reject the plan to expand commercial fishing in 5,000 square miles of protected waters? Let us count the ways. … More Info »

70,000 Citizens, 100 Scientists Want New England’s Waters Protected

More than a hundred prominent scientists are urging federal officials to prevent the return of damaging, bottom trawl fishing to waters that have protected fish habitat and spawning areas in New England for nearly two decades. The scientists aren’t the only ones speaking up. More than 70 thousand people sent comments opposing the proposal. … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, March 22

In this week’s Fish Talk in the News, NOAA releases the proposed rule for Framework 48, right whales make a comeback, Maine lobstermen seek to unionize, minimum catch size limits may be forcing fish to mature at a smaller size, Senator Cowan raises concerns over use of Saltonstall-Kennedy funds; Maine legislators debate alewife bills. … More Info »

New England’s Protected Waters are Threatened

Parts of New England’s waters set aside to protect cod, haddock, flounder, and other important fish could soon be subjected to some of the most damaging forms of large-scale fishing. Learn more about this 5000 square mile area with this interactive map. … More Info »