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Closed Areas Cautionary Tales Pt. 3: Something Rotten in Denmark

Previously on Talking Fish we looked at the actions that led to commercial extinction of the cod fishery in some Canadian waters, and the collapse of fish populations in Scottish waters after protected areas were removed. The waters between Denmark and Sweden hold another sobering lesson for New England officials. … More Info »

Closed Areas Cautionary Tales Pt. 2: Scotland’s Firth of Clyde

The Firth (or bay) at the mouth of the Clyde River southwest of Glasgow has been fished for centuries. But the area suffered a crippling collapse in populations of the most important fin fish after eliminating protected areas which had stood for decades. … More Info »

Closed Areas Cautionary Tales Pt. 1: Canada’s Cod Catastrophe

As fishery managers consider re-introducing damaging forms of fishing like bottom trawling into these protected areas, they should also consider the experiences of other fisheries that exploited protected areas. This post, the first in a series of three, will focus on the dramatic collapse of Canadian cod stocks, brought about in part by poor habitat protection. … More Info »