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Fish Talk in the News – Friday, February 1

In this week’s Fish Talk in the News, the New England Fishery Management Council cuts cod catch limits and debates habitat protection measures and at-sea monitoring costs; Tom Nies is named the new Executive Director of NEFMC; a Gloucester trawler is accused of using an illegal net liner. … More Info »

CLF Calls to Shut Down New England Cod Fishery

Yesterday the story of New England’s cod fishery took another tragic turn when the New England Fishery Management Council voted to drastically cut catch limits for New England’s two cod stocks—Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank cod—by 77 and 61 percent, respectively. Now is not the time for denial. It is not the time for timid decisions and unconscionable risk. It is time to make the painful, necessary steps towards a better future for fishing in New England. Rather than arguing over the scraps left after decades of mismanagement, we should shut the cod fishery down and protect whatever cod are left. … More Info »

“The Fish Just Aren’t There.”

There is no question that the expected reductions in annual catch limits (ACLs) will be difficult for an industry already in a declared disaster. But while these cuts for cod and haddock limits have grabbed headlines, the real story is that there simply aren’t enough fish. The science, the catch data and many fishermen say the populations of many important species are at or near all-time lows. Fishery regulators are eager to cushion the blow to those whose livelihoods are at risk. Unfortunately, many proposals intended to help fishermen do not address the real problem—a lack of fish—and instead risk further harm to weakened fish populations. … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, January 11

In this week’s Fish Talk in the News, fishermen have caught less than half the 2012 catch limit on 14 out of 16 groundfish stocks; Maine lobster landings hit a record high; the House debates Sandy aid; Brian Rothschild calls biological reference points arbitrary; some fishing advocates support Barney Frank for interim MA senator. … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, November 9th

In this week’s Fish Talk in the News, Hurricane Sandy lowers fish prices in New England; New Jersey fishermen push for a disaster declaration; the battle over menhaden catch limits continues; NEFMC sets a special meeting to discuss groundfish allocations and closed area access; NOAA holds a forum on groundfish science; and the mayor of New Bedford says fishermen have no confidence in stock assessments. … More Info »

Globe, Times Miss Boat on Real Issues

The Northeast’s two leading newspapers both editorialized recently on the fragile status of groundfish populations, especially cod, on both sides of the Atlantic. Unfortunately, both the Boston Globe and New York Times missed an opportunity to emphasize conservation measures and explain the great risk for fish and fishermen if we weaken those protections. … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, June 22

This week’s stories include: new regulations for the industrial Atlantic herring fleet to protect river herring and shad, Native American tribal support for the opening of the St. Croix River to alewives, a bill to fight illegal fishing, a study to map the seafloor of Long Island Sound, an objective look at New England fisheries and fishing communities, and an article about how London is working to achieve their commitment to serve only sustainable seafood at the 2012 Olympic Games. … More Info »

Investing in fisheries science for management success

To me, fisheries management often feels like looking across the Grand Canyon at the beckoning but unreachable other side. Everyone has a shared goal for management but no idea how to really make it happen or who should make it happen. In order to meet the demands of successful fisheries management, we need federal dollars invested in fisheries science. … More Info »

A Small ‘Catch’ in Recent Fisheries Coverage

(By Lee Crockett of the Pew Environment Group) I want to follow up to make an important distinction between catch limits and catch shares, a difference that has been inadequately explained by NOAA and has resulted in some understandable confusion. The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act requires properly set and enforced catch limits that prevent overfishing and ensure the rebuilding of depleted fish populations. … More Info »

Mega Millions, fishery-style

Federal fishery managers rolled the dice on the New England cod fishery on Monday, once again. It is hard to escape the premonition that they fell well short of their responsibility. We think catch levels were set too high, too little was done to reduce the growing cod catches of recreational fishermen, and nothing was done to balance fishermen’s economic and social pain by directing the small allocation of Gulf of Maine cod toward coastal fishing boats. … More Info »