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New England’s Fishing Pathology

The industrial herring fleet recently overshot its quota for the herring management area 1B by some 60%. Sixty percent! That is like driving 104 mph in a 65 mph speed zone. This incident—and particularly the herring fleet’s response to it—are symptomatic of a deeper pathology in some of New England’s fisheries that should not be allowed to just fade away as another bad memory of a poorly managed fishery. … More Info »

Atlantic Menhaden Catch Cap a Success; Millions More of the Most Important Fish in the Sea

The menhaden fishery is the largest on the Atlantic coast and some in the fishing industry warned that the catch limit would harm business, triggering potential cutbacks and layoffs. Despite this pressure the commission followed the science and voted into place a cap that reduced the overall catch of Atlantic menhaden by 25 percent from the previous year. The numbers now are in for the first year of fishing under the new catch cap and it is clear that the commission’s action is achieving its ambitious conservation objectives. … More Info »

At-Sea Catch of River Herring Gets Long Overdue Attention

Severely depleted river herring and shad have been the focus of extensive restoration efforts in rivers for years—dams have come down, fish ladders and passages have gone up, and millions of dollars have been spent to improve habitat and water quality. Yet the loss of hundreds of thousands of these fish in the nets of trawlers has gone largely unaddressed—until now. … More Info »

CLF, EJ to NMFS: Protect Habitat, End Overfishing and Bring Back Cod

Reinforcing the need to protect vital ocean habitat areas and end overfishing of New England’s severely depleted groundfish, the Conservation Law Foundation and Earthjustice filed a pair of lawsuits in federal district court challenging the shortsighted and damaging groundfish regulations developed by the New England Fishery Management Council and the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) for the 2013 fishing year. … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, May 31

In this week’s Fish Talk in the News, Martha Coakley sues NMFS to raise catch limits; Oceana sues to increase observer coverage; Maine’s elver season ends; Vice Magazine interviews Carlos Rafael; Maine lawmakers consider a bill to eliminate penalties for groundfish boats catching lobster; NOAA develops an updated market news website. … More Info »

Fire, Ready, Aim: Attorney General Martha Coakley Launches Unguided Missile

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley announced yesterday at a press conference on the Boston Fish Pier that the Commonwealth intends to sue the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), arguing that legal catch limits the federal government has set for cod, flounder and other groundfish equates to a “death penalty” for the Massachusetts fishing industry. The Attorney General is once again wrong on the law and wrong on the facts. … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, May 3

In this week’s Fish Talk in the News, NOAA releases final regulations for Fishing Year 2013; the 2012 Status of the Stocks report shows rebuilding progress; sea surface temperatures in the northeast are the highest in 150 years; the Acushnet River sees a herring recovery; a commercial fishermen blames NMFS and NEFMC for a lack of accountability; new research shows that menhaden and bass abundance is linked to temperature oscillations; European lobster are affected by ocean acidification. … More Info »

New Fishing Season Brings Same Old Bad Ideas

New England’s new fishing season is underway amid heightened concern about the viability of some of the once plentiful fish that helped build the region’s economy. Unfortunately, the fishing industry and its political allies continue to press the same old bad ideas—allowing overfishing to continue and ignoring science and the law. … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, March 29

In this week’s Fish Talk in the News, NOAA releases a draft rule setting 2013 catch limits; a symposium discusses the Cape’s gray seal problem; CNN talks trawling and climate change; Omega Protein charged with polluting coastal waters; the Maine legislature hears arguments on alewife restoration bills; the Obama administration releases its wildlife climate adaptation strategy; Magnuson-Stevens reauthorization hearings focus on implementation. … More Info »

Peter Shelley to NEFMC: Shut Down New England Cod Fishery

Last Wednesday, January 30, the New England Fishery Management Council voted to cut catch limits for New England’s cod stocks by 61-77% from their 2012 levels. Conservation Law Foundation Senior Counsel Peter Shelley made this statement to the Council urging cautious management and asking them to consider shutting down the New England cod fishery so stocks can recover. … More Info »