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Fishery Wasteland: How Fisheries Managers Turned a Critical Opportunity into More of the Same

After nearly 14 years since the New England Fishery Management Council first began its work on the Omnibus Habitat Amendment 2, NOAA Fisheries has released a proposed rule for the amendment. If approved, the rule would implement the Council’s habitat protection recommendations. Unfortunately, there is little in the proposed rule to show for the 14-year effort. … More Info »

One That Didn’t Get Away: The Atlantic Sea Scallop and the Future of Fishing

During National Seafood Month, it is important to appreciate the tremendous benefits the Cape and seafood consumers across the country have enjoyed thanks to the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, which Congress is revisiting this year. In fact, without the science-based fisheries management required by this law, our rich heritage might have become ancient history. … More Info »

Judge Orders the Codfather to Forfeit Vessels and Permits

Last week, U.S. District Court Judge Young issued a decision ordering the forfeiture of four vessels and 34 groundfish permits belonging to Carlos Rafael, the Codfather. The total appraised value of the forfeiture is approximately $2.25 million. … More Info »

The Codfather Sentenced – Fish Fraud Will Not Be Tolerated in New England

On Monday, September 25, a federal court sentenced New England fishing magnate Carlos Rafael – “the Codfather”– to 46 months incarceration, a $200,000 fine, and three years’ probation, during which time he is barred from the fishing industry. The sentencing sends a strong message that systemic abuse of our fishery resources and management system will not be tolerated. … More Info »

Conservation Law Foundation Hosts Teleconference on Sustainable Fisheries in New England

In case you missed it yesterday, Conservation Law Foundation hosted a live teleconference on how New England can build strong, sustainable fisheries  with a focus on the Carlos Rafael case – likely the worst case of illegal fishing in the United States. … More Info »

CLF Urges Court to Impose Significant Penalties in Carlos Rafael Case

Conservation Law Foundation has submitted a victim impact statement for the judge’s consideration when evaluating appropriate criminal penalties for Carlos Rafael’s illegal activities in New England’s groundfish fishery. … More Info »

John Bullard Condemns the Status Quo as NEFMC Prepares to Discuss Groundfish Monitoring

The New England Fishery Management Council completed the scoping process for Amendment 23 and will now move forward with discussions about how to change the monitoring program for New England’s groundfish fishery. Although commenters disagreed about the particulars, there is a general consensus that the current monitoring system is not working. The NOAA Regional Administrator agrees. … More Info »

Act Now to Protect Deep-Sea Corals in New England

The New England Fishery Management Council is developing the Omnibus Deep-Sea Coral Amendment. The amendment will comprise measures requiring some fishermen to take precautions in designated areas in order to protect the corals that live in those places. The Council is currently accepting comments on the amendment through June 5, 2017. … More Info »

New Groundfish Amendment Falls Far Short Of Its Goal

NOAA Fisheries unfortunately approved Amendment 18 to the Northeast Multispecies Fishery Management Plan at the end of April. One primary goal of the amendment had been to address concerns of fleet consolidation in the groundfish industry by limiting permit accumulation. Consolidation is worrisome because it eliminates diversity in the fleet and/or allows individuals to exercise market power. These concerns have been repeatedly raised and gone unanswered since the full catch share program was approved and implemented in 2009. At least through the early parts of the process, it seemed that Amendment 18 could remedy unintended consequences of the catch share program by helping the fishermen who had been locked out of the fishery. It does nothing of the sort. … More Info »

Northeast Squid Deserve a Summer Break

Every summer, as crowds amass on New England beaches, another gathering is underway in the waters just offshore. Millions of Atlantic longfin squid return from a winter spent in the deep cold waters off the East Coast to the ecologically rich shallower waters near Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Officials should act to stem heavy fishing of this key forage species in its spawning grounds.
… More Info »