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Fish Talk in the News – Friday, January 18

River herring make their way up a fish ladder in Massachusetts. Photo credit: Greg Wells.

  • More than 50,000 river herring passed through the fishway on the Cumberland Mills dam last year, a significant increase over the three previous years that saw as few as 810 river herring in 2017. The Portland Press Herald reports, “It is unclear why the population fluctuated so dramatically and why this year was so much higher than in the past, although the increase comes several years after the installation of the fish passage.”
  • Clammers in New England are hoping that video and image surveys they take while fishing over the next couple of months will reverse the Council’s decision to close two areas in the Nantucket Shoals area. An attorney representing the industry told, “We intend to work very closely with the government…to provide as much data as possible so they can review the decision that they made.” reports, though, that according to a public affairs officer for the Council, “the NEFMC won’t reconsider its December action. However, it will continue to work with researchers, fishermen and other key stakeholders to prioritize research needs within the areas currently set aside solely for research.”
  • Days after a developer withdrew a proposal to build a hotel along Portland’s working waterfront, a group of fishermen decided to not go forward with a citywide referendum to prevent the expansion of non-marine uses on the waterfront even though they had already collected the necessary amount of signatures to force a vote. The city will be eliminating the loophole that allowed the hotel to be proposed on Fishermen’s Wharf in the first place, reports Portland Press Herald, but some concerns about the city’s zoning rules remain. Read more here.
  • The Responsible Offshore Development Alliance, a coalition of east coast commercial fishing groups, announced a new partnership with Orsted U.S. Offshore Wind. reports, “A core mission of the partnership is creating a joint industry task force to explore improved approaches to project siting, design, and operations.” Other offshore wind developers are being encouraged to join.


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