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Fish Talk in the News – Friday, January 26

Lobster are heating up in New England. Photo Credit: Zachary Whalen/Flickr.

  • A new study reveals that rising temperatures in the Gulf of Maine will decrease survival for lobster eggs and increase predators of juvenile lobsters. As a result, the Gulf of Maine lobster population is expected to decrease 40 to 62 percent by 2050. Researchers predict that landings will more resemble those in the early 2000s. Andrew Pershing of GMRI told the Portland Press Herald, “[W]e are going back to a more normal state of the fishery. But even under our warmest temperature model, there will still be a fishery.”
  • A North Atlantic right whale was found dead in waters off Virginia, the first of 2018, bringing the death total to 18 in the recent season. The cause of death appears to be entanglement in fishing line. Four other right whales have been spotted in the vicinty, and NOAA has implemented a voluntary ship slow-down.
  • In an op-ed in the Gloucester Daily Times, former regional administrator John Bullard discusses aquaculture as the “bright future” for New England fisheries. He discusses how aquaculture can benefit the ecosystem, provide food, and provide economic opportunity. Read more here.
  • NOAA Fisheries announced that the total at-sea monitoring coverage for New England’s groundfish sector program will be 15 percent of trips in fishing year 2018. That is a one percent decrease from the current fishing year. The Northeast Fishery Observer Program will cover a portion of the 15 percent, so the industry will not have to pay for the full 15 percent coverage. NOAA cannot yet say if there will be additional reimbursement this year.
  • The Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries decided against a pilot program that would have allowed scallop dredging within a portion of a mobile gear closure area near Nahant. DMF solicited comments on the proposed pilot program, and most received comments were opposed to the program including many Nahant residents. Many are happy with DMF’s decision.


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