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Fish Talk in the News – Friday, May 19

New England is home to an abundance of the spiny dogfish shark. Photo courtesy of NHCS.

  • Public hearings on the New England Fishery Management Council’s Omnibus Deep-Sea Coral Amendment are next week May 22-26. There are a total of seven hearings, including one webinar. The Council will be providing information on the Amendment and its preferred alternatives. The public is welcome to attend and provide comment. Written comments are also being accepted until June 5, 2017.
  • Beginning Memorial Day Weekend, the Pier to Plate program will offer free skate and dogfish to 20 Cape Cod restaurants, a fish market, and a catering company. The skate and dogfish, both underutilized species in New England, will be caught by local small-boat fishermen. The program was developed by the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance in order to promote underutilized species and sustainable fishing while increasing consumer demand for less-familiar fish.
  • Rhode Island fishermen are participating in a trial program for electronic monitoring, funded by The Nature Conservancy. It is the hope of many that electronic monitoring can begin to replace human observers, eventually bringing down costs. Regional Administrator John Bullard was quoted recently saying, “While at-sea monitoring is a cost, [electronic monitoring] could be an investment.” Some fishermen hope that it will improve accountability and lead to higher quotas.
  • A Deer Isle, ME resident is hoping to begin farming scallops in East Penobscot Bay. Robert Brewer applied for an experimental aquaculture lease for a site that is 150 feet wide and 930 feet long. To grow the scallops, Brewer would use the technique developed in Japan known as ear-hanging. As reported by the Ellsworth American, “The technique calls for drilling a tiny hole through the flat “ear” at the base of the scallop shell and inserting a plastic pin with a small line attached. The scallops are hung in pairs along ropes called “droppers” that hang vertically beneath the surface.”


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