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Fish Talk in the News – Friday, February 10

Image via NOAA Okeanos Explorer.

  • The New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center hosted its first annual Unusual Catch Day. Local fishermen were invited to the Center to present their most-rare finds from their time at sea. Marine archaeologists were also there to help identify the objects. Some fishermen also told stories of objects that they could not bring in like torpedos.
  • The New England Fishery Management Council is hosting two workshops on the developing Deep Sea Coral Amendment. The purpose of the workshops is to get input from fishermen and other stakeholders on the ongoing fishing activity and the boundaries of the proposed management areas in the Amendment. The first workshop will be held in New Bedford, MA on March 13-14, and the second workshop will be held in Portsmouth, NH on March 15.
  • According to a new study from Bigelow Laboratory for Marine Sciences, seaweed growing and harvesting may help improve water quality by absorbing carbon from the water. The study took place at the Ocean Approved seaweed farm in Casco Bay, but the lab is now expanding its research to wild-grown rockweed.
  • Towns on Cape Cod are using shellfish to improve their water quality, a more cost effective way to address federally mandated wastewater cleanup. A recent study show that oysters on average contain 0.28 grams of nitrogen, and as high as 0.32 grams. Officials can use those numbers to estimate how much nitrogen planted oysters can remove from the water column.
  • Maine Department of Marine Resources closed multiple scallop areas in the Chandler Bay/Head Harbor Island area Downeast; Lower Blue Hill Bay and Jericho Bay; the Mid-Penobscot Bay area; around North Haven; the upper Damariscotta River; and Casco Bay. DMR is concerned that continued harvest could be harmful to smaller scallops and jeopardize the future population.
  • The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission recently approved an addendum that creates a standard for Jonah crab claw harvest and defines bycatch. The new bycatch measures are an effort “to minimize the expansion of a small-scale fishery under the bycatch allowance,” reported the Mount Desert Islander.


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