Posted June 2017

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, June 30

In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, new appointments to fishery councils are announced; NEFMC writes a letter about seismic testing; New England’s marine monument should be preserved; NEFMC explores new ways to monitor the groundfish fishery; many weigh in on the fate of the Codfather’s groundfish permits; and a study shows that locally caught groundfish stay in New England. … More Info »

Longfin Squid Catch a Break

Several years ago, the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council began thinking about making amendments to the longfin squid fishery. Longfin squid are an important forage species especially off the coasts of New England. They are a source of food for commercial, recreational, and other familiar species such as sea bass, flounder, and bluefish. Having a healthy population of forage species is crucial to maintaining food webs and a productive ecosystem. So when fishermen and scientists began reporting changes in the fishery, the Council took notice. … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, June 23

In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, Chris Oliver is appointed to lead NOAA Fisheries; NEFMC votes to protect some Atlantic corals; thousands of dead bait fish wash ashore in Maine; and NOAA Fisheries announces ASM reimbursement rate for the groundfish fishery. … More Info »

John Bullard Condemns the Status Quo as NEFMC Prepares to Discuss Groundfish Monitoring

The New England Fishery Management Council completed the scoping process for Amendment 23 and will now move forward with discussions about how to change the monitoring program for New England’s groundfish fishery. Although commenters disagreed about the particulars, there is a general consensus that the current monitoring system is not working. The NOAA Regional Administrator agrees. … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, June 16

In this edition of fish talk in the news, the Secretary of the Interior visits New England; the alleged biggest eel smuggler on the east coast is arrested; NOAA recommends $1.5 million for research grants in the Gulf of Maine; and rising temperatures in the Gulf of Maine are affecting fisherman. … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, June 9

In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, NOAA will begin to survey scallops in the Northern Gulf of Maine Scallop Management Area; a joint USA-Canada research expedition was launched in the Gulf of Maine, and a bill to secretly put tracking devices on lobster boats was passed in the Maine Senate … More Info »

On World Oceans Day, Help Defend New England’s National Monuments!

This year’s World Oceans Day is more important than ever as some of our most treasured ocean areas (as well as land areas) are under attack. President Trump has ordered a review of 27 national monuments around the United States – including the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument – and has expressed a desire to reverse the hard-earned protections for these monuments. The Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument is another New England treasure that is also under threat. … More Info »

Trump’s National Ocean Proclamation Covfefe, Confusing

Following the tradition of those who have come before him, President Trump proclaimed June National Oceans Month. However, as has been his modus operandi, Trump broke ranks with his predecessors. Instead of using National Ocean Month as a platform for promoting conservation, Trump seized the moment to suggest ways to exploit and destroy our oceans treasures. Marine life had better take cover, because National Ocean Month under President Trump means oil drilling destruction and favoring commercial interests over environmental protections. … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, June 2

In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, MA Senate’s proposed 2018 budget includes $185K for cod survey; scientists expect some decline in lobster numbers; and NEFMC seeks voice in marine monument review. … More Info »

Act Now to Protect Deep-Sea Corals in New England

The New England Fishery Management Council is developing the Omnibus Deep-Sea Coral Amendment. The amendment will comprise measures requiring some fishermen to take precautions in designated areas in order to protect the corals that live in those places. The Council is currently accepting comments on the amendment through June 5, 2017. … More Info »