Protecting Ocean Ecosystems

“This Can’t Be New England!” – Brian Skerry Describes Cashes Ledge

Yellow kelp at Cashes Ledge. Photo Credit: Brian Skerry.

The ocean surface can act as a sort of barrier to humans causing us to often miss what is just beneath the waves. As a marine photojournalist for National Geographic Magazine, Brian Skerry says he “felt a sense of duty and a sense of urgency to begin telling stories about the problems in the ocean.”

One story that he has chosen to tell is the need for permanent protection of Cashes Ledge, an underwater mountain range in the heart of the Gulf of Maine. Skerry describes Cashes Ledge as an underwater “fantasy land,” a place that you won’t believe exists in New England’s backyard until you see the colorful, undulating kelp and schools of fish for yourself.

Watch the video below to hear why Brian Skerry wants Cashes Ledge to be permanently protected.


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