Protecting Ocean Ecosystems

A Cartoon Crash Course

Forage fish are small species such as herring, menhaden, and sardines that swim in big schools and feed on plankton. Though tiny, forage fish play a massive role in our ocean's ecosystem, serving as a critical food source for species ranging from sharks and whales to seals and seabirds. Cartoon by Jim Toomey.

Unless you live and breathe the ocean, the many arms of ocean conservation, particularly in regards to fisheries management, can be a bit overwhelming. Thanks to the Pew Charitable Trusts and cartoonist Jim Toomey, the artist behind “Sherman’s Lagoon,” we now have ten animated, and even funny, videos that help explain some of the more complex concepts and actions that go into protecting our oceans.

The videos serve an informative cartoon crash course for those that already have their sea legs and for those just getting their feet wet.

You can watch the videos by clicking on the individual links below or go to the Pew Charitable Trusts for the full collection here.

  1. What are Forage Fish?
  2. What is Ocean Acidificaton?
  3. What is Illegal Fishing?
  4. What is U.S. Fisheries Management?
  5. What is Ocean Governance?
  6. What is Marine Debris?
  7. What are Ocean Zones?
  8. What is Bycatch?
  9. What is Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management?
  10. What are Highly Protected Marine Reserves?


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