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Fish Talk in the News – Tuesday, September 6

Fishing vessels in Port Judith, RI. Image via GARFO.

  • The EU’s Scientific Forum on Invasive Alien Species will move forward the proposed ban on American lobster imports, saying that there is enough scientific evidence for further review. Swedish scientists have said that the American lobsters pose a threat to native lobsters, while U.S. and Canadian scientists argue that the ban lacks scientific evidence. Further review is not expected to be completed until the spring.
  • The Northeast Fisheries Science Center is seeking one to three commercial fishing boats to participate in Mid-Atlantic and New England bottom trawl surveys. As reported by the Gloucester Daily Times, “The boats selected will assist NOAA in assessing the performance of industry boats in performing standardized tow procedures essential to conducting the bottom trawl survey.” Earlier this summer, NOAA announced its plan to include industry vessels in its spring and fall surveys.
  • Discovery Channel purchased the rights to the documentary, ‘Sacred Cod,’ which will premiere at the 2016 Camden International Film Festival. The film documents the collapse of Atlantic cod in New England and features interviews with fishermen, scientists, advocates, and federal officials.
  • Gloucester Fresh Seafood has found business in Bentonville, Arkansas. Barry Furuseth, the owner of Blu Fresh Fish Marketplace, is focused on marketing and selling Gloucester- and New England-based seafood. He expects the seafood to increase his sales by nearly $1 million in the next year.
  • Fishing advocates in Point Judith, RI will install interpretive signs near the fishing docks to educate the public about the seafood in Point Judith. A project organizer told RIPR, “Those signs will speak to the variety of seafood landed in this port, some of the methods that fishermen use to catch that seafood, and all the support businesses.”Similar signs can already be found around Gloucester and New Bedford fishing docks.


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