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Fish Talk in the News – Tuesday, August 23

Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries is raffling up to $1,000 for reports of tagged Jonah crabs. Image via MA DMF.

  • Tropical fish species have been making their way to Rhode Island waters; most recently, a crevalle jack was caught in the Narragansett Bay trawl survey for the first time in 50 years, and the Rhode Island DEM’s seine survey caught a crevalle jack for the first time. Scientists don’t believe that the fish are migrating north because of climate change, but rather that the eggs and larvae are carried north in the currents and on seaweed. Most of the fish die, however, when waters get too cold in the fall.
  • NOAA awarded $240,398 to the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries for leatherback sea turtle research off Cape Cod. The information gathered on animal behavior and habitat will be used to help develop fishing gear that reduces entanglement.
  • Last week, NOAA announced the temporary closure of the Gulf of Maine cod Trimester Total Allowable Catch Area for the common pool fishery; 90 percent of the Trimester 1 quota has been caught. The closure is in effect through August 31, 2016.
  • Sustainable Groundfish Association, Inc., a Gloucester-based organization, received Marine Stewardship Council certification for its Acadian redfish, haddock, and pollock fisheries. The certification represents a standard for environmentally sustainable wild-caught seafood.
  • The Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries is tagging Jonah crabs to research migration patterns and growth. DMF is asking citizens that if they find a tagged crab, to call and report the crab. The desired information includes date, location, tag number, sex, egg status, and whether or not it was released. DMF is also collecting information on carapace width for green tagged crabs. Those who call will be entered into a raffle for up to $1,000.


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