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Fish Talk in the News – Friday, June 3

An electronic monitoring camera on a fishing vessel. Image via NMFS.

  • NOAA Fisheries released their annual report, Fisheries Economics of the United States (2014), which includes statistical information on commercial and recreational fishing activities and industries. The report provides a national overview and is also broken down by region.
  • On June 1, about 20 groundfishermen in New England began using cameras for electronic monitoring. The use of cameras is a pilot program with the goal of eventually transitioning away from on-board at-sea monitors. Electronic monitoring has the potential to provide many benefits for fishermen from cost to safety.
  • The chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources visited New Bedford this week and met with local seafood and fishing industry representatives. Many discussed the potential for a marine national monument designation in New England. The New Bedford Standard Times discusses the opposition to the monument as well as the environmental organizations trying to permanently protect the biodiverse area.
  • The Environmental Police gave a criminal summons to a local fisherman who was caught with hundreds of illegal sea bass. The fisherman was in possession of 219 sea bass (122 were undersized); he is legally only allowed ten. Five other fishermen were cited for fishing over the limit and possessing undersized sea bass.
  • NOAA recovered its $450,000 scallop survey camera after it was caught on a shipwreck and lost in the water last week. NOAA said the camera only has “minimal damage.”
  • A Maine woman has developed an eel aquaculture system and is planning on bringing them to the commercial market this summer. Maine has a lucrative elver fishery, but most of the baby eels are usually shipped to Asia. Sara Rademaker hopes to change that by tapping into the local sushi market.
  • Maine’s elver season generated over $13 million this year, ranking the third-highest in revenue in the past 23 years. Fishermen had sold nearly 9,270 pounds of elver as of Thursday evening. The annual catch quota is 9,688 pounds.


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