Protecting Ocean Ecosystems

Coastal Businesses Rely on a Healthy Ocean – Support Permanent Protection

North Atlantic Right Whale skim feeding in Cape Cod Bay. Photo by Brian Skerry.

For centuries, New England’s economy has been tied to the ocean. We rely on the resources it provides and on the tourism it attracts. Without the ocean, the region would not be the same. This is why representatives from coastal businesses in New England are supporting permanent protection of the Cashes Ledge area and the New England Coral Canyons and Seamounts.

BERL HARTMAN, New England Chapter Director of Environmental Entrepreneurs:

“We are a group of business and professional leaders who advocate for the environment based on economic merit. We are the business voice for the environment. The ocean economy delivers 230,000 jobs in New England. We can’t afford to lose that and in order to keep it going we need a healthy ocean, it’s the home and lifeblood of that economy.”

JAMIE MATHISON, co-owner, One Ocean One Love, Rockport, Mass:

“It’s really important for me, being a coastal business, the industry of tourism is important. We want to make sure these oceans are protected for a long time so we have these beautiful places for people to visit for years to come and hopefully have a thriving business in return.”

ROB MOIR, President and Exec. Director, Ocean River Institute, Cambridge Mass:

“These are really special places and to make them a national marine monument will take places unknown to the American imagination and make them alive. So this is like making from nothing something significant with spectacular wildlife, places for people to go to visit and recreate. This is going to have enormous economic implications for the gateway communities that host these travelers. So this is a win-win for all of us to have these beautiful protected areas.”


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