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Fish Talk in the News – Friday, September 5

Primnoa coral on the Schoodic Ridges. Photo credit: NOAA/NEFSC

The deteriorating status of New England’s cod continues to draw press attention with stories this week from The Portland Press Herald and Los Angeles Times quoting fishermen and scientists about the loss of this iconic fish.

Opinion pieces in the Cape Cod Times and Concord (NH) Monitor make the argument for protecting the ocean habitat cod need to recover.

Some New England fishermen are beginning to receive federal aid as a result of the 2012 fishery disaster declaration, which resulted in $33 million in assistance for those who depended on cod and other bottom-dwelling species which are now depleted.

Meanwhile, on the Pacific Coast, fishermen are realizing the benefits of management that emphasizes the importance of rebuilding overfished stocks. Twenty-one formerly depleted Pacific species have recovered and received a “thumbs-up” from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.

The Associated Press reports on the rapid rate of ocean warming in New England’s waters, and the effects this is already having on fish, lobsters and other ocean life.

A scientific research expedition finds an amazing new “hanging garden” of deep-sea corals in the Gulf of Maine.

And in the “you’re gonna need a bigger boat” category: a great white shark took a bite out of a kayak near Plymouth, MA.


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