Protecting Ocean Ecosystems

Help Protect New England’s Cod Habitat

The public has until July 26th to submit comments on a proposed rule that would open nearly 3000 square miles of protected habitat to destructive commercial trawling. See the infographic below for more information and click here to take action.


2 Responses to Help Protect New England’s Cod Habitat

  • Mark Leach says:

    The thought of opening the last refuge for cod fish to a starving ground fish fleet is insane. I fished for cod commercially since 1975. The graphs that are shown on this site are spot on accurate. Opening the last closed area will only insure that the new england cod fishery will never recover.

  • The end says:

    I think it is to late for the cod , but if you open these protected areas, you will put the nail in the coffin , I have been a cod fisherman for 35 years , I have seen the end of the cod first hand!!!

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