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For Cod’s Sake

In this video, CLF’s Peter Shelley explains the dramatic decline of cod stocks in New England and the action that must be taken to prevent the loss of this region’s most iconic fishery. Atlantic cod populations are at an all-time historic low. The cod fishery, which for generations has supported a way of life in New England’s coastal communities, may be in complete collapse.

NOAA is currently accepting comments on a proposed rule to set catch limits on cod and other species for the 2013 fishing year. The proposed limits do not go far enough to ensure the rebuilding of cod populations, and CLF is calling for a closure of the directed cod fishery to allow recovery. A second proposal under consideration would open 5000 square miles of currently closed areas to commercial fishing, further threatening cod habitat and aggregations of juvenile and spawning adult fish.

To take action on these proposed measures and ask NOAA to reduce cod mortality and protect habitat, click here.



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