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Fish Talk in the News – Friday, April 6

Puffin carrying sand eels for its chicks, Faroe Islands. Photo: Harvepino/Shutterstock. c/o Lenfest Ocean Program

  • The big news this week was that NOAA announced the proposed Gulf of Maine cod catch limit for the first half of fishing year 2013, which begins May 1. They went with the lowest number suggested by the NEFMC – 6,700 MT – and did not propose opening groundfish closed areas. It was not a surprising move, but reactions have been mixed.  Jake Kritzer from EDF wrote an in-depth two-part blog post about it (here and here). And in addition to our opinion piece from Peter Shelley there were articles in Boston, Cape Cod, Gloucester and New Jersey.
  • Attention has been growing on the management of the Atlantic herring fishery and the NEFMC is poised to make decisions on new regulations in June. This article from the Associated Press highlights the diverse groups that are coming together to request more oversight. We wrote a post in March on the subject, and we’ll have more to come as June approaches.
  • In other small fish news, the Lenfest Ocean Program’s Forage Fish Task Force released a new report this week, calling for more careful management of forage fish to protect marine ecosystems as a whole. They recommend cautious management especially when information about these important prey species is limited. This important report received coverage in the New York Times, Washington Post and L.A. Times.


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