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Fish Talk in the News – Friday, May 18

Cobia swimming in a cage at an aquaculture facility in Puerto Rico (photo credit: NOAA).

  • Last week’s “Fish on Fridays” post by Michael Conathan tackled the ethics of seafood and the choice between using aquaculture, which may cause environmental problems, and relying on wild-caught fish, which may not be abundant enough to provide the global population with all of the protein it needs.
  • NOAA Fisheries released its annual Status of the Stocks report on Monday. Six fish stocks that were once considered overfished are now reported as rebuilt, including Gulf of Maine haddock, but 45 of 219 fish populations included in the report are still considered overfished, and 13 of those are in New England. The Boston Globe has more detail on the report.
  • A New York Times editorial called on the Senate to not pass two measures that were approved by the House last week that would cut off funding for important fishery and ocean management programs if they become law.
  • CLF’s Peter Shelley appeared on “Greater Boston with Emily Rooney” on WGBH last night to discuss Whole Foods Market’s decision to stop selling certain fish species in its stores. Watch the segment here.
  • Darren Saletta, a Cape Cod fisherman, provides a timely primer on the fish and shellfish species that are – and are not – local to New England and the Cape now that the summer season is starting so that you can make an informed decision at the seafood counter.


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