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Fish Talk in the News – Friday, February 17

The Gulf of Maine (Northern) shrimp season ends today (Photo credit: Aldric D'Eon, courtsey of the NEFSC).

  • The Associated Press reported on last week’s request by the NEFMC to have NMFS adopt an emergency rule that would cut fishermen’s 2012 Gulf of Maine cod catch allowances 22% from 2011 levels – a big cut, but not as deep as many were expecting. The article also covers fishermen and government representatives’ reactions to the news.
  • Maine commercial fisherman Ed Snell wrote an opinion piece about the need for the NEFMC to focus on not just catch limits for cod, but also the other fish that are affecting the recovery of groundfish populations and the differing burdens placed on large versus small fishing operations under the sector system.
  • Michael Conathan’s latest Fish on Fridays blog addressed the Gulf of Maine cod crisis and the uncertainty of fisheries science.
  • Last week, the Conservation Law Foundation issued a position paper on the emergency rule requested by the NEFMC, warning against waiting until 2013 to take strong action to stop the Gulf of Maine cod crisis. (Click the link in the blog post linked above to read the full paper.)
  • Today is the last day of Gulf of Maine shrimp season. Regulators decided to close the fishery, saying that fishermen have reached the catch limit for the season, although fishermen and processors objected to this decision. Read more about the Gulf of Maine shrimp fishery here.


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