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Fish Talk in the News – Friday, June 7

Happy World Ocean’s Day!
Take a look at what we’ve been reading this week:

  • The federal government got poor grades for ocean policy this week from the Joint Ocean Commission Initiative (JOCI). Among the reasons was the fact that Congress continues to block the Obama administration’s National Ocean Policy work from moving forward. However, JOCI gave states an A- for stepping up while the national government stalls.
  • A mermaid “mockumentary” on Animal Planet revealed that some people think these mythical creatures truly exist, which inspired a blog from Southern Fried Science on how little most people know about the ocean.
  • New research from MIT on how yeast populations react to environmental stress could be used to help fishery managers monitor behavior of fish populations.
  • The environmental and health risks of imported shrimp makes us want to stick to our local Northern shrimp from the Gulf of Maine.


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