Sustainable Seafood Teach-in April 29

Over the last few years, Boston’s Museum of Science has stepped up to the plate and sponsored some great programming on all aspects of food: the science, policy and reality of making healthy and sustainable food choices in our daily lives. As part of that conversation, the Museum is putting together a day of sustainable seafood discussions partnering with Let’s Talk About Food, New England Aquarium, Chefs Collaborative and the Cambridge Science Festival.

Anyone in the Boston area that wants to hear experts discuss stock assessments, realities on the water, the ins and outs of the seafood business, and how we might all make sustainable and local choices, check out these two events on Sunday, April 29.

The first is a daytime program (1-5 p.m.) of keynote addresses by well-known seafood stars Paul Greenberg and Barton Seaver, as well as panel discussions with local experts. This event costs $10 and takes place on the Harvard campus.

The second part of the day is in the evening (7-9 p.m.) and is a free event at the Museum of Science. It will feature an interactive program where participants will talk with a variety of experts on seafood and fisheries and then have a facilitator-led discussion about the different viewpoints presented.

Sounds like a great line-up of events for anyone who likes to talk fish!


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