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Talking Fish by the Numbers

Visitors come to TalkingFish.org from all of the countries shaded in green on this map. The top five countries with the greatest number of visitors over the past month are (in decreasing order, with the number of visitors shown over each country) the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, and the Philippines.

It’s been just over one year since we launched TalkingFish.org, and we’re proud of how far we’ve come in that time. In December, we wrote a year-end post pulling out our favorite blog posts of 2011. To celebrate our one-year anniversary, we thought we’d go with a different approach: TalkingFish.org by the numbers.

  • TalkingFish.org has 192 email or RSS feed subscribers, 373 followers on Twitter and 100 fans on Facebook.
  • But people aren’t reading TalkingFish.org just through email – we received 2,200 unique visitors over the past month and 4,500 page views – both up from the month before.
  • A little under half of our website visitors come to us through Google searches, often for terms like “talking fish” or “local sustainable seafood.” What other sites drive visitors to TalkingFish.org? Our top five are Facebook, clf.org, Google, Twitter, and Facebook’s mobile site. We’ll keep connecting via social media and CLF’s audiences!
  • Our most frequently viewed page is the homepage – no surprise there, it’s the first page you land on when you go to our site! – but, lots of other posts and topics are popular as well. Posts in our Ask an Expert series or a blog about sustainable seafood get hundreds of hits. An opinion piece by CLF’s Peter Shelley always gets a lot of views – and comments! And people always spend time reading about efforts to protect river herring.
  • Speaking of Ask an Expert, we’ve interviewed seven chefs, seafood buyers and other members of the seafood industry since we launched our interview feature in November 2011, and it’s just the beginning. Stay on the lookout for new interviews in the near future, including interviews with scientists and casual dining chefs.
  • The map above is pretty neat and shows where TalkingFish.org readers are located. As one would expect, most of our readership is from the United States, but this past month we got 75 visitors from Canada, 57 from the United Kingdom, and a sprinkling from all of those other countries that are shaded light green on the map. Are you an international reader? Let us know what you like about TalkingFish.org!
  • What do we write about most? Our top ten most popular tags are: Sectors, Fisheries science, Overfishing, NEFMC, Groundfish, Fisheries management, Rebuilding fish stocks, New England fisheries, Fishery management, and River herring.

We had a great first year, and we hope to make next year even better! Thank you for making our blog a success, and please let us know if there’s anything you’d like to hear more of in the coming months!


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