Posted March 2012

Ready to hear about herring?

For the next few weeks, fishery managers will hear from the public on proposed changes to the Atlantic herring fishery. New rules (called Amendment 5) have been in development for a long time – five years – and this marks the culmination of a lot of work by the New England Fishery Management Council, and a lot of debate. … More Info »

Mark Usewicz helps chefs bring sustainable and adventurous seafood to your plate interviews Mark Usewicz, a chef and Co-Owner of Mermaid’s Garden, a Brooklyn-based sustainable seafood consultancy. Mark helps chefs serve their customers responsibly sourced seafood. … More Info »

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, March 2

This week’s stories we think will interest readers: Striped bass debate in Masschusetts, sustainable seafood in Boston-area restaurants and new ways to feed aquaculture a plant-based diet. … More Info »