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Sectors in the News: More Positive Views of the Sector System

This week, The Working Waterfront, a publication of the Island Institute, published an article with a message we’ve been seeing a lot in the news recently: sectors are working. The article, “Divide and Conquer,” highlights the opinions of a diverse group of people involved with the sector system, and these opinions promote the view that sectors have led to increased flexibility and increased catch of target species for fishermen, along with fewer discards of non-target species. Particularly indicative of this viewpoint are statements by Maine Department of Marine Resources Commissioner Norman Olsen, who is quoted as saying, “I’m tremendously pleased with how the sectors approach is working. We’re seeing sustainable fish stocks, which means sustainable fishing, sustainable support services and sustainable communities.” Olsen says that, “If we stick with [sectors], the future of Maine fishing looks very bright.” Author David Munson of course notes that there are still challenges with the system that need to be worked out, but the overall conclusion one draws from his article is that sectors are working for fishermen and fish stocks. To read the full article, click here.



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