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Healthy Fish Populations = More Money in the Forecast; Overfishing = at least $149 million in losses for 2009

New analysis by Ecotrust, one of the leading providers of marine social and economic research, finds that due to decades of overfishing, New England commercial fishermen who bring us the cod, flounder and other “groundfish” we love to eat lost at least $149 million and realized just 21 percent of potential revenues in 2009. The lost income could have been in fishermen’s pockets if fish populations had been at healthy levels.

The Hidden Cost of Overfishing to Commercial Fishermen: A 2009 Snapshot of Lost Revenues, commissioned by the Pew Environment Group, calculated the earnings lost by commercial fishermen due to declines in fish populations. The estimated losses did not take into consideration the shoreside infrastructure necessary in delivering fresh seafood to consumers–it evaluated only the loss to commercial fishermen themselves, and therefore, represents only a fraction of the total cost of overfishing.

In conclusion, the analysis reports that future losses will continue to grow–to the detriment of fishermen and the seafood supply chain–unless fish populations can be restored to healthy numbers. On the other hand, if science-based catch limits are set to end overfishing, fishermen—and all of us—will benefit for generations to come.

Full Report and Executive Summary:



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