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Fish Talk in the News – Thursday, October 6

From time to time, we like to keep you updated on the other news sources that have been “talking fish.” Here’s a quick look at some recent stories and websites that we think might interest readers:

    • Warning – this next update may make you nauseous! featured an article on tainted seafood imports, which seem to be more common than one would like to think. According to the article, 80 percent of seafood in America is imported, but only 2 percent of that is inspected, and only 0.1 percent is tested for banned drug residues. The article states that “In more than half of cases when seafood is rejected, the fish has been deemed filthy, meaning it was spoiled or contained physical abnormalities, or it was contaminated with a foodborne pathogen. About 20 percent of those cases involved salmonella.” In case you still needed convincing of the benefits of buying fresh seafood from local New England fishermen, the article should do the trick.
    • The Portland Press Herald informs readers about the lesser known and interesting fish that will be on the menu at Portland’s Harvest on the Harbor festival in late October. Even if you’re not interested in the festival, you might be interested in this article to learn about underutilized Gulf of Maine fish and ideas for how to cook them.
    • Environmental Defense Fund has some neat infographics about catch shares. Whether or not you’re a fan of catch shares, if you like cool charts, you should check them out.


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