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Commerce Department announces 2011 NEFMC appointments

The Commerce Department has appointed three new faces from the commercial fishing industry to the New England Fishery Management Council (NEFMC). They are:

  • Thomas D. Dempsey of Masssachusetts, a part-time commercial fisherman and Policy Director for the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen’s Association;
  • Peter T. Kendall of New Hampshire, a commercial fishermen from New Hampshire’s struggling fleet who has also been an active participant in important fisheries research; and
  • Laura Ramsden of Massachusetts, co-owner of Foley Fish, a fourth-generation seafood processing company in New Bedford that has been involved in fishery management for many years and brings an important dealer perspective to the Council.

CLF and other friends of Talking Fish look forward to working with these new appointees as well as the other Council members in the future to continue the great progress New England has made toward producing sustainable fisheries in the region. A number of significant challenges remain, particularly ensuring that a broad and diverse range of New Englanders are able to access these rebuilding fish populations.

To read the full NOAA press release and learn about appointments made to the other regional fishery management councils, click here.


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