Posted April 2011

Overfishing 101: How Ocean Fish Populations are Managed in the U.S.

Lee Crockett leads the Pew Environment Group’s efforts in Washington, D.C. to establish policies to end overfishing and promote sustainable fisheries management. This post, previously published on the Huffington Post and the National Geographic blog, is the second in a … More Info »

More MSA Anniversary – Certificate of Public Ownership of America’s Fish Stocks

This ad from the Pew Environment Group makes clear what all New Englanders know is true – American fish stocks are a public resource. The stock certificate in the ad reads, “As secured by the Magnuson-Stevens Act, this certifies that … More Info »

Happy Birthday, Magnuson-Stevens Act – Looking Back at 35 Years of Federal Fisheries Management

This post is by Sean Cosgrove, Director of the Conservation Law Foundation’s Gulf of Maine Campaign. “Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting over.” Mark Twain’s famous line about water allocation battles in the American West can fairly … More Info »

A Quick Look at the Implementation and Impacts of Amendment 16

On May 1, 2010, sweeping changes were implemented in the New England groundfish fishery, the biggest change in New England fishing since the federal Magnuson-Stevens Act (MSA)was first passed in 1976. “Amendment 16,” which went into effect on the first … More Info »

Fishery Management in New England: Past, Present, and Hopes for the Future

Peter Shelley is Senior Counsel at CLF Massachusetts. Until 2010, Peter served as Vice President and Director of CLF Massachusetts. In New England, humans have been fishing commercially for some four hundred years and fishing for food for thousands of … More Info »

Let’s Talk Fish!

Fishing has always been a hot topic in New England. And why wouldn’t it be? The region’s economy was built on cod and other bottom-dwelling groundfish like haddock and flounder. From the Colonial times until today, these fish have been … More Info »