Protecting Ocean Ecosystems

WATCH: Right Whales on the Brink of Extinction

CLF recently hosted a conversation with experts on right whales to discuss the crisis – and what can be done to save them. … More Info »

In the News

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, April 13

In this week’s Fish Talk in the News, Maine DMR receives a grant to study lobster gear and right whales; NEFMC meets next week in Connecticut; Bay State Wind offers $2 million in environmental research grants; researchers see a slight uptick in lobster shell disease off Maine; and Maine is ready to close shellfish areas at first sign of toxins. … More Info »


Fishermen Missing One Big Thing in Opposition to Offshore Wind

A broad coalition of Northeast fishermen, suppliers, and shore-based industries has written a letter to Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker opposing development of offshore wind in federal waters south of Martha’s Vineyard. The letter makes two good points but misses one big thing. … More Info »

In the News

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, April 6

In this week’s Fish Talk in the News, new habitat management measures become effective next week; Maine lobster industry buoyed by higher menhaden quota; right whale breeding season ends without calves; John Bullard says the lobster industry must lead on right whales; river herring are running early in Gloucester; and a local non-profit trains fishermen in survival and safety. … More Info »

New England Fisheries

Atlantic cod is still a world of unknown, so why raise the catch limit?

New England’s groundfish fishery is a particularly tricky one to manage, and I don’t envy those who are faced with the task. But when it comes to Atlantic cod—still persistently overfished and subject to overfishing in the Gulf of Maine after 28 years of management – you just have to ask, what are they thinking? … More Info »

Bottom Line

Are you reading terms like “overfishing” and “stock assessments,” but you’re not quite sure what they mean? These blog posts explain the basics of U.S. fishery management, from the current state of our nation’s fisheries to policies and strategies to ensure healthy, robust fish populations.

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