New England Fisheries

Fishery Wasteland: How Fisheries Managers Turned a Critical Opportunity into More of the Same

After nearly 14 years since the New England Fishery Management Council first began its work on the Omnibus Habitat Amendment 2, NOAA Fisheries has released a proposed rule for the amendment. If approved, the rule would implement the Council’s habitat protection recommendations. Unfortunately, there is little in the proposed rule to show for the 14-year effort. … More Info »


BDN Op-Ed: Maine lobstermen see the fragility of our environment. We know the need for clean air, water.

In an op-ed published in the Bangor Daily News, one retired lobsterman reflects on the industry and the need for us to be stewards of the ocean and the environment. … More Info »

In the News

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, November 17

In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, ASMFC disappoints fishermen and environmentalists with menhaden vote; researchers conduct an aerial survey of the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts; Deepwater Wind may fund UMass offshore wind and fishing study; ASMFC schedules hearings about changes to its lobster management plan; Maine Supreme Judicial court hears oral arguments in rockweed case; NOAA Fisheries considers expanding its sea turtle protection program; and Maine reassess its shellfish monitoring procedures. … More Info »

National Policy

An Opportunity to Build Stronger, Sustainable Fisheries for Future Generations

The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA), the federal law governing nation’s fisheries, is up for reauthorization in Congress. The MSA has worked in rebuilding fish populations; now, it should be strengthened to ensure we’re able to save and restore still-struggling species like the iconic Atlantic cod – before it’s too late.  … More Info »

In the News

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, November 10

In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, Cape Cod towns support a buffer zone for midwater trawlers; the Codfather reports to prison; enviro groups and fishermen advocate for menhaden management; and Atlantic bluefin tuna quota is controversial. … More Info »

Did You Know? isn’t just good at reporting and analyzing new information – we take on myths about the New England seafood industry. Did you think that fishery management was controlled by environmental interests? Or that scientists and fishermen can never see eye-to-eye? Think again – and read on.

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