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Fish Talk in the News – Friday, May 22

School of Atlantic Cod. Photo Credit: NEFSC/NOAA

In this week’s Fish Talk in the News, The White House says it will veto the House MSA Reauthorization bill; the amendment to revise national fisheries law reignites debate between industry and environmentalists; MAFMC will soon vote on the Deep Sea Coral Amendment; TNC works to restore 5,000 acres of native shellfish beds; researchers confirm reports of beluga whales; ASMFC evaluates the health of black sea bass population; NMFS announces proposed amendment to simplify Atlantic boat documentation; NOAA announces a new initiative to protect endangered species; “The President’s Salmon” tells the story of a past Atlantic salmon tradition; fishermen are on top of “Deadliest Jobs in America” list; and tickets are now on sale for the 4th Annual Boston Seafood Festival.

Protecting Ocean Ecosystems

A Disappointing Year for River Herring in Southern New England

River herring make their way up a fish ladder. Photo credit: Greg Wells (via Pew Charitable Trusts).

Now that it’s the middle of May, we’re beginning to hear reports on the river herring runs around New England. Counters have been counting, cameras have been recording, and the annual spring migration of alewives up the streams has likely peaked, at least in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. It was a slow start to the season, with our unseasonably cold temperatures in March, but optimism prevailed throughout April. Now we’re hearing reports that the numbers are off, even way off, in some rivers.

National Policy

Healthy Ocean Hill Day 2015: One for the Record Books

The New England Hill Day team with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

As part of the Blue Vision Summit’s Healthy Ocean Hill Day, over 150 ocean advocates spoke up for the big blue on Capitol Hill. People from across the country divided into state or regional groups and met with their respective Congressional representatives for a total of 163 Hill visits – a record for the Blue Vision Summit. The New England group met with 16 different offices alone!

Protecting Ocean Ecosystems

Oil and Gas Drilling: A Threat from Neighboring Waters

The proposed drilling areas are located directly adjacent to the northeast peak of Georges Bank. Image via

A recent proposal for offshore oil production in Canada poses a real threat to New England’s marine environment. The Shelburne Basin Venture Exploration Drilling Project’s proposed lease blocks are located directly adjacent to the northeast peak of Georges Bank.

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Fish Talk in the News – Friday, May 15

Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). Photo credit: Dieter Craasman.

In this week’s Fish Talk in the News, a committee will study the possibility of a New England buyback program; NEFMC released its latest Council report; managers and tribes discuss elver fishery management; the Puffin Project is on the radio; NOAA releases red tide predictions; NOAA awards ten scallop research projects; NYTimes opinion article says WWII was a turning point for fisheries; and the House draft CJS appropriations bill call for budget cuts to NOAA, NASA, and NIST.

The Future of New England Seafood

Fishermen are innovators. And those around them are taking inspiration. Read here about what fishermen and others are doing to help fishing businesses thrive, to create new branding and marketing opportunities for seafood, and to explore unique new ways of conserving New England’s fish populations.

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    4:44 pm, May 3, 2015
    Bob Vanasse says:

    Contrary to Mr. Baker's assertion "the proposals to increase the menhaden quota don’t take into account the needs of these predators," there is an extensive discussion of how predation and natural mortality were accounted for in the stock assessment. The Menhaden Fishery Coalition, which represents companies comprising 95% of Atlantic menhaden landings has examined this repeated

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    5:05 pm, April 22, 2015
    Richard C. Nelson says:

    If we don't make sure these communities have a "robust role" at the beginning and during the plan, then we will certainly have trouble creating that during the plans implementation. The planning process in its conception had many of necessary elements to do this, being bottom up, regional, stakeholder driven, based on EBM inclusive of

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    9:30 pm, April 8, 2015
    Thomas Nies says:

    The New England Fishery Management Council welcomes public comments as we consider modifying the ABC control rule for Atlantic herring. With respect to current catch limits and whether they adequately account for the forage role of herring, please consider the comments of our Scientific and Statistical Committee: "As a forage fish, concern was expressed that

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